Aug 11, 2018

The Top 10 Beefcake Sights of Hettinger, North Dakota

There aren't a lot of places of tourist interest in North Dakota. Mostly people visit to take it off their list:  "Ok, now I've been in all 50 states."

If they do visit, they tend to stick with Fargo, or maybe Bismarck.  They don't typically visit Hettinger.

Mainly because it's not near anywhere: 150 miles from Bismarck, 173 miles from Rapid City. The nearest gay neighborhood is probably in Minneapolis, 500 miles away.

But if somehow you find yourself in Hettinger, there is a lot of sightseeing potential, for a town of 1000

1. The Dakota Buttes Museum
2. The Hettinger County Historical Society (in Regent)
3. The Petrified Wood Park (in Lemmon)

And a surprising amount of beefcake.

1. (top photo).  This guy is advertised on the town website.  I'm sure he's a tourist.

2. An unidentified teenager inspecting the altar of an old church displays a "I Love Hettinger" hashtag.

3. Men in Hettinger looking for dates.  I'm sure he's on a beach far away.

4. Another Hettinger guy looking for a date.  Cute.

In a town of 1,000, finding 2 cute, available, and willing guys is surprising.

5. Hettinger High School has only about 100 students, but they managed to scrounge together a swim team that won an award.

6. There are also swim teams in nearby towns, but the boys are mostly covered up by girls.

7. Hettinger High also offers wrestling.

8. Hettinger has an indoor public pool.

9. The Hettinger County Fair.  Always good for finding some tall, thin farmers with big hands.

10. I don't know if these guys are actually from Hettinger, North Dakota, but the one on the left can be in any post he wants.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me of Rapid City. I always joke that for Indians, its real name is in Arabic: Rabid City. (It's basically the last sundown town. So, yes, speculating that a virus is destroying the locals' brains and making them more aggressive works.)

    For North Dakota, it has, um, Fargo? Bismarck? (Third grade gave us the name of one town in each state.) Pipelines laid by companies with a horrible reputation carrying particularly abrasive dilbit? And that's about it.


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