Nov 20, 2013

Disney's Liv and Maddie: Twin Sisters and Gay Brother Compete for a Guy

The Disney Channel's Liv and Maddie (2013-) is retread of the usual teencom about an average teen who makes it big as a singer, actor, or fashionista: here teen actress Liv Rooney (Dove Cameron) has just been booted from Hollywood after her tv series Sing It Loud! ends.  She returns to small-town Wisconsin, to her parents, two brothers, and twin sister Maddie (Dove Cameron in a double role).

Like Disney's earlier twin stars Zack and Cody, Liv and Maddie have opposing personalities and interests.  Most episodes involve the two competing for something, or one pretending to be the other: Liv pretends to be Maddie to score a date with a hot guy; Maddie pretends to be Liv to get a place on the basketball team.

Since the two girls are each other's bffs, there don't seem to be a lot of lesbian subtexts, but there is other gay potential.

Older brother Joey (Joey Bragg) acts like a feminine gay stereotype, and apparently gets crushes on guys like Diggie (below). (Here Sam Levine seems to have a crush on him.)  Dad worries that his lack of interest in sports signifies that he's "weak," code for gay.  The actor tweets: "I am not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that0, but Adam DeVine is really goodlooking."

Ryan McCartan (top photo and left), who plays Diggie, the siblings' main boy-crush, is an 18-year old graduate of Minnetonka High School in Minnesota with only a couple of previous screen credits.  But he starred in the gay-positive stage version of the homophobic 1988 comedy Heathers (he's on the far left, not one of the guys kissing).
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