Dec 5, 2016

Amazing Man

Amazing Man was published by Centaur Comics, one of the many comic book companies that sprang up during World War II to capitalize on the popularity of Superman.  26 issues appeared from 1939 to 1942.

Amazing Man has a teen sidekick named Tommy, and a coterie of equally muscled heroes who often need rescue.

This very busy cover shows some of his coterie about to be blasted off into space, while Amazing Man tangles with the hooded baddie's pet panther.

I don't know what he's doing here.  Overturning a wheelbarrow of coal onto the baddies?

His origin story is similar to that of several other mystical superheroes: born John Amman, he was raised in Tibet by the Council of Seven, each of whom endowed him with a superheroic power.  The oddest was an ability to turn into a green mist.

That should strike terror in the hearts of criminals.

The benefit of Amazing Man was that he was bare-chested and rather muscular, in an era when even Conan the Barbarian was portrayed as rather skinny.

He's now public domain, so he has appeared in several modern comic book universes, including Gallant Comics, Marvel (where he's known as the Prince of Orphans) and Malibu Comics (where he has joined the superhero team The Protectors).

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