Feb 12, 2017

Abs: A Man's Third Best Feature

Big pecs and biceps are the stars of the male physique, but abs are a close third.  They're much harder to develop, not about size but about definition, so they're the signature of the well-developed man.

There are actually four sets of muscles on the trunk:
The rectus abdominus in the front, which give you the "xylophone" effect
The serratus on the upper sides, which connect the abdomen and the pecs.
The transverse abdominus
The obliques on the lower sides, the biggest of the abdominal muscles.

Everybody tries crunches and sit-ups for their abs, but they are almost impossible to do effectively.  I suggest the plank (reverse push-up) and side twists.

And cardio: since abs are a matter of definition rather than bulk, you need to get your body fat down.

The definition is most noticeable when the abs are hairless.

But hairy abs have a charm of their own.

A thin line of hair going down the abdominal ridge is called a "glory trail," since it draws the eye to the crotch.  Charlie McDermott made the glory trail famous by displaying his in nearly every episode of The Middle.

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When you're young, your metabolism is revved up, so getting defined abs is relatively easy.  If you want to see some nicely defined abs, date a twink.

Or a teenager.

As you age, it becomes harder and harder to maintain the low body fat necessary for defined abs.  Over fifty, unless you're blessed by the right genes, it's nearly impossible.

But there's nothing wrong with a little layer of fat.

Or a big layer.  Studies have demonstrated that belly fat is not necessarily a health risk, and a guy with a bit of bulk looks hot.

The uncensored photos are on Tales of West Hollywood.

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