Aug 30, 2017

Dream Boys in Pain

In a BDSM scene, the top and the bottom negotiate in advance about how they will exert/relinquish power and control.  What type of bondage will there be?  Will there be humiliation (name calling, slave collars, water sports)?  Will there be "forced" sex?  Will there be pain (flogging, spanking, cbt)?  

Some scenes offer a mix of elements. Others emphasize one.

Master Kevin and and his 24/7 slave Jared emphasized pain.  The other methods were of minimal importance, often omitted altogether.  Even when they weren't in a scene, Jared would deliberately get "cocky," disobey or talk back, inviting "punishment," seeing how much he could take.

One day they got the idea that other people might enjoy seeing BDSM scenes where the power relation was distilled to a single primal scream, and Dream Boy Bondage ( was born.

The stories are minimal: a prisoner of war is interrogated; a convicted criminal chooses a sentence of pain instead of incarceration; a guy borrows money from the wrong loan shark; two Mormon missionaries knock on the wrong door.

Whatever brought them to the dungeon, the scene varies only a little: they are stripped, whipped, punched, flogged.  They are hung from a cross.  They are bound spreadeagle for cbt, electroshock, and hot wax.

There is rarely any sex.  There is rarely any plot development or resolution to the stories.  The point is seeing the Dream Boys struggling in their bondage while the top works on them.

Master Kevin is mostly absent; we sometimes hear his voice barking orders from offstage, or see a chubby hand groping the restrained bottoms.  Jared is the top, working with few words and little emotion.  To him it's just a job, a chore that his master ordered, like mowing the lawn or washing the dishes.

Each session is 15-20 minutes long, with about six sessions per scenario.  No distillation of "best moments": what you see is what happened, in real time.

The bottoms are rarely muscular or well-hung, but they are stunningly attractive.  They are "pretty boys," used to being desired for their face rather than their physique.

Some the Dream Boys are experienced bottoms who can take anything, but most are not into BDSM at all, and many are straight, just in it for the money.  They are feeling the whip or the violet wand for the first time: that's real shock on their faces.

The full post, with nude photos, is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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