Aug 4, 2017

Photographing the Beauty and Fragility of Male Youth

On his tumblr  blog, David Corvine has published a number of black-and-white photos that expertly capture the paradox of male youth: innocence and experience, strength and fragility, infinite joy and profound sadness.   I've only gone through the last two months, but I already have enough artist leads for a dozen posts.

 1. A smoking boy by Danny Fitzgerald (1921-2000), who took male physique photographs with his partner and model Richard Bennett during the 1960s and published them as "Les Demi Dieux" (the demi-gods).

2. Boy with snake by Swiss photographer Walter Pfeiffer (1946-)

3. A boy tries to discover the secret of his mirror image.  By Konrad Helbig (1917-1986), a German artist whose nude photos were only discovered after his death.

4. Contemporary artist Ricky Cohete photographs a slim youth against a backdrop of a once-opulent European street.

5. Matthew Brookes photographs a group of ballet dancers at the Paris Opera.

More after the break.

6. Boxers photographed by Milos Nasio.

7. A Ralph Lauren model.    I don't know what he's selling.

8. Brooklyn Beckham, the 18-year old son of British footballer David Beckham, a model and aspiring photographer, author of What I See.

9. David Corvine

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  1. Nice picture of Brooklyn Beckham, hadn't seen that before. He's a beautiful young man who does appear to enjoy shedding his shirt!


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