Aug 5, 2017

The Top 9 Beefcake Stars of "America's Got Talent"

I don't watch talent shows on tv, so I figured that America's Got Talent (2006-)  was just another rendition of American Idol, with wannabe pop stars belting out off-key Madonna while a panel of celebrity complains.  Turns out that the acts involve more than just singers.  There are comedians, magicians, and acrobats, including a significant number who offer beefcake along with their performance.

Here are some of the best physiques.

1. Brennan Ficari from Season 6, an aerial artist based in Berlin.

2. Alex Magala, a sword-swallower from Moldova who has appeared on six Got Talent programs: Russia, Britain, the U.S., the Czech Republic, Italy, and the Ukraine.

3. Aeon, a group of parkour practitioners from Miami.

4. The Aerialist duo Catalexi, composed of Catherine Audy and Alexis Trudel, was formed at the Circus School of Quebec in 2009.  They won the Bronze Elephant at the International Circus Festival in Spain.

5. Nico Maffey, a gymnast from Argentina, has a degree in biology from Harvard University.

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6. The Benn Mendoza Circus, also known as the Midnight Circus

7. Amateur aerialist Tristan Jih had never performed publicly before his audition for America's Got Talent.  Now, according to his website, he's an artist, aerialist, yoga instructor, reiki master, romance consultant, Asian, straps acrobat, cirque, circus, flyer, shirtless performer.

8. Duo Volata, a "static trapeze duet" by Oliver Parkinson and Adrienne Jack-Sands, is based in Seattle.

9. Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon performed as aerialists.

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