Jan 13, 2018

Teenage Bodybuilders

For many years, the rule of thumb in bodybuilding was: no one under 18.  It was assumed that still-developing muscles were incapable of intense training.  It might even be injurious.

Times have changed.  We now think of bodybuilding as a sport like any other, and safer on the body and mind than most team sports, especially football.  Still, most adolescents don't have the time, money, or endurance for daily exhaustion sets with 50-pound dumbbells, so physiques like this are rare.

But a lot of 15- and 16-year olds have obviously trained physiques.

(Photos taken from youtube.  For comparison purposes only.)

 Others, not so obvious, until they are convinced to flex for the camera.

13- and 14-year old bodybuilders are rare.  You're still at the start of puberty, with vast changes in height and weight, metabolism, and hormones.  It's hard to train muscles with all that going on.  But a few kids have the right combination of genetics and dedication to attract the attention of all of the boys in their class.

According to his youtube channel, this is 13-year old bodybuilder Brad the Beast, who has won several state and regional powerlifting competitions.

No bodybuilding competitions are open to preteens.  Preteens differ substantially from adults in physiology and appearance, so there would be no criteria to judge them on.  But they can still profit from strength training.  According to his youtube channel, this 11-year old is "training for the NFL" (National Football League).


  1. A bit of a dancing bear, though, no?

    I remember that kid from the 90s. You know, his dad was a supplement dealer from (IIRC) Ukraine. I'm still not convinced that seven-year-old bodybuilder wasn't forcibly juiced by Dear Old Dad.

  2. Who is the blond in the top picture with the BULGING traps?

  3. His name is Shane. The picture was taken in 2003, when he was 15.


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