Mar 3, 2020

The Pretty Dudes of "Pretty Dudes"

Pretty Dudes, on Amazon Prime, is Friends for gay men: five dudes have relationship and job trouble, mostly relationship.  And talk about diversity: they are straight, gay, bi, and pan, black, white, Asian, Indian, Hispanic.  Plus they have lesbian, straight, and trans female friends and lovers. Intersectionality to the max.

Well, there's nobody over 34 years old, or with a waist size over 34 inches, or from the working class, or from the Midwest, so maybe not so diverse after all.

These are the guys who sit in towels at the bath house, gossipping and laughing and rejecting everyone, or sit with fancy candy-colored drinks at the bar, gossiping and laughing and rejecting everyone.  I find them annoying in real life, and on a small screen. 

But at least they're pretty.  Sort of.

The guys are:

1. Ellington (Xavier Avila), a business law student, straight.

2. Zario (Brian Michael Nunez), a photographer, gay.

3. Jay (Tae Song), a doumi (sex worker), straight.

4. Alexander (Kyle Rezzedy), a gamer, gay.

5. Sunji (Yoshi Sudarso), a model, straight.

As the season progresses, lots of other pretty dudes are introduced, boyfriends, platonic friends, and a surprising number of little brothers.

6. Boaz (Manny Shih), the younger brother of December, owner of the art gallery where Zario works.

7. Shane (Cesar Cipriano), a bartender, Zario's ex-boyfriend.

8. Cassian (Christian Olivo), somebody's boyfriend.

9. Leo Lam as...well, as long as he takes his shirt off, who cares?

And the rest.


  1. I love it that you are willing to subject yourself to these shows --so we don't have to!

  2. Thanks so much for checking out the first season of our show. We'd love to send you screeners of our upcoming second season, so please let us know how to best make that happen!


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