Mar 27, 2020

Wacky Family of Debt Collectors or Wacky Family of Criminals?

Ok, pandemic stay-insiders, today you have a choice of two Australian comedies: Outrageous Fortunes, the wacky adventure of a crime family, or Tricky Business, the wacky adventures of a family of debt collectors.

You mean the people who call you on the phone incessantly, and order you to sell a body part to get the money to pay a debt that was resolved 15 years ago?  Sounds delightful.

Wikipedia says it's a drama, not a comedy.  Gigi Edgley stars as Kate Christie, a single mum who has just taken over her parents' struggling debt collection business (do they have debt collectors calling them?).  She tries to "save" the business with the help of:

1. Boyfriend Rick (Kip Gamblin, below)
2. Younger sister Lily (Sophie Hennser)
3. Hunk Chad (Lincoln Lewis, top photo and below).
4. Rival debt collector Matt (Antony Starr, left), whom she starts dating.
5. Marcus (Sandy Winton), whom Lily dates.

6. Additional Hunk Alex (Hugo Johnstone-Burt)

Plus Mom and Dad (Claire and Jim) are still around to butt in, and there's a teenage daughter, a woman named Minnesota, and a lot of guest stars (new cases every week).

According to the episode guide on the Australian tv website, this is more soap opera than sitcom:

 "Kate's world is turned upside down when she  discovers the full extent of boyfriend Rick's betrayal."

"Jim gives Rick (left) an ultimatum over saving the business."

"Outraged by the truth about sister Lily's mystery lover, Kate sends rival debt collector Matt to do her dirty work.

And more private investigators than debt collectors:

"Kate and rival investigator Matt investigate a cheating spouse."

"Hunkoid Chad goes undercover as a gigolo"

There don't appear to be any gay characters, but the guys work together on scams a lot,so they must have some gay subtexts. And in Episode 6. "Matt is charmed by a famous footballer."

Or much beefcake, in spite of the hunks in the cast.

There seems to be a lot of "will they or won't they" Sam and Diane shenanigans.

Meh.  Let's switch to the wacky crime family of Outrageous Fortunes.

First scene:  A man and a woman in bed together.  Close up of her breasts.  Another close-up of their wet, squishy kiss.

Gross!  Tricky Business it is.

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