Aug 26, 2020

Hoops: Fighting Hetero-Phobia in Small-Town Kentucky

In the new Netflix Adult Swim-style sitcom Hoops, Ben Hopkins (Jim Johnson) is a vulgar, crass, foul-mouthed three-time loser who coaches a losing high school basketball team in small-town Kentucky. 

This guy popped up when I searched for "Jim Jonhnson" and "actor" on Google Images.  He might not be the right one, but beefcake is beefcake.

Ben has been beaten down by life so much that he reminds me of Al Bundy, but he's not homophobic.

His third cousin Tommy was his first kiss; at his wedding, a drunken Ben yells "It should be me up there!  That kiss was magical!"

As a reward, Ben offers the  team passes to his porn sites.  But the team complains that he doesn't have any gay sites for Scott (Nick Swardson), so Ben offers him his credit card and says "Buy yourself something handsome."

But is Scott actually gay?  When the team goes out to get girlfriends, he plays along.

In Episode 6, he breaks up with A-Gay Neil ("I've enjoyed our five days together., but when I lose my gay virginity, I want it to be with the right person.").

He also notes that he slept with fifteen girls when he was in denial.   Outraged, Neil yells "You're really straight!  You're just pretending to be gay because it's cool!" 

Fifteen women, no guys?  I'd judge him a Kinsey 2, tops.

Neil and his A-Gay friends  fill Scott's locker with fake vaginas and hetero-phobic slurs ("Pussy eater!"), and beat up him and his friends, and finally yell hetero-phobic slurs at the basketball game, until the coach intervenes.

"Scott can do anything he wants and be gay.!  As long as he likes looking at men's bodies and wants to have sex with them, he's gay!" 

Making gay people the power brokers of the school, and heterosexuals the bullied underdogs?  That makes me uncomfortable, like they are trivializing gay oppression.

So, is Scott gay? 

In a later episode, the team goes on a road trip, and invites some girls to a pool party.  Scott goes, but just sits at poolside reading a book, not flirting.

He doesn't have any more scenes to himself.

I didn't watch the other plotlines about Ben's screw-ups and basketball games, but a lot of the jokes appear to involve cocks.  Rotten Tomatoes gives the show an 18% rating.


  1. I saw the trailer which looks horrible - all the humor seems to be about cursing-Mr Johson looks like a coach from a gay porn movie

  2. Wouldn't gay power brokers just end up like pre-AIDS working class communities, i.e. all the boys masturbate together and many try oral and such, but anal is derided in the language of dominance and submission?


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