Mar 6, 2021

"Pixie": Irish Priest Gangsters and a Gay Couple, But No Pixies


For movie night this week, we saw Pixie (2021).  The title makes you think of a children's fantasy about pixies, but it's actually an Irish gangster comedy.  

Pixie (Olivia Cook), the free-spirited, conniving stepdaughter of gangster Dermot O'Brien (Colm Meaney),  sends two of Da's goons to steal a million euros of Ecstasy from a rival gang of drug-running priests.

The goons happen to be her ex-boyfriend Colin (Rory Fleck Byrne), who isn't over her yet, and her secret boyfriend Fergus (Fra Fee, right).

Her plan is to sell the Ecstasy, betray Fergus, and move to San Francisco, where she will study photography. (You can't do that in Dublin?).  

You see where things might go wrong?

Things go wrong: 

Ten minutes into the movie, Fergus and Colin are both dead (with Colin's corpse in th trunk), both the priest gang and her stepdad's enforcer Seamus (Ned Dennehy) are on her tail, and Pixie is saddled with two clueless doofuses, Frank (Ben Hardy, left) and Harland (Daryl McCormack).

Did I mention that Pixie's stepbrother  Mickey(Turlough Convery) hates her and is looking for an opportunity to take her down?

And that she has another ex-boyfriend, Gareth (Sebastian de Souza), who happens to be the nephew of the head gangster priest?

I'm not sure about Frank and Harland.  They meet Pixie when they go to her house, mistakenly believing that she will have sex with any man in exhange for letting her photograph them (she actually photographs Frank in drag).  They discuss women's body parts.  Frank tries to convince an altar boy that God wants all men to have sex with ladies.  

They discuss same-sex activity only in terms of prison rape and priestly pedophilia.  

But they kiss during the beginning of a three-way (cut short by the arrival of enforcer Seamus).  

Later, when they escape being killed, Pixie points out that this was almost their last kiss: "Isn't it romantic?"  They look embarrassed.

But at the end of the movie, Pixie leaves for San Francisco by herself, and Frank and Harland ask "Where shall we go now?" and walk off into the sunset together.  Have they become romantic partners? Or were they always romantic partners and in denial?

Beefcake: The boys strip down to go skinny-dipping, but in a long shot, too far away to see much.

Other Sights: Beautiful Irish countryside, establishing shots of Sligo.

Heterosexism: Pixie tilts her head and smiles, and every men gapes in slack-jawed lust and does whatever she wants.  Her teenage stepsister hooks up with the altar boy.

Gay Characters: Frank and Harland?

My Grade: A-.


  1. There are degrees of prestige for various schools, though I would think one should stay away from the US. Average rent: $1400. And colleges have the balls to charge room and board when no one's in the dorms, no one's on a meal plan. And San Francisco is the worst of them all. (I'm saying it now: "Yuppies. Don't look Ricky!")

    I imagine priestly pedophilia is a concern in any country with a large Catholic population. But hey, organized religion is taken down a peg. And Protestants have a lesser scandal: Falwell's kid's a cuck.

  2. Ben Hardy who plays Frank is cute and has plenty of beef cake shot on line- I wonder if he has played gay in another movie?

  3. Famous exchange from the Army-McCarthy hearings, dealing with a photo of David Schine (whom Donald Trump mentor, closeted gay Roy Cohn, worked to get preferential treatment from the Army):

    Mr. Welch: Did you think this came from a pixie?
    Senator McCarthy: Will counsel [i.e. Welch] for my benefit define – I think he might be an expert on that – what a pixie is?
    Mr. Welch: Yes. I should say, Mr. Senator, that a pixie is a close relative of a fairy. (Laughter from the chamber) Shall I proceed, sir? Have I enlightened you?
    Senator McCarthy: As I said, I think you may be an authority on what a pixie is.


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