Jul 27, 2021

Of the Making of Many Movies There Is No End

 Ecclesiastes 12:12: Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh.

Or, updated, "Of making many movies and tv shows there is no end, and much viewing is a weariness of the soul."

Prime Movies We Think You'll Like

Fanboys, House Harker, The Lady in the Van

The Green Lantern, Michael Gelbart, Our Friend

Beast, Honesty Weekend, Kill Me Three Times, 

Vampire Happening, Forbidden Empire, Vegas in Space

Netflix Personalized Picks:

The Last Letter from Your Lover, Kingdom, Troll-Hunters

Blood Red Sky, Atypical, Her Private Life

Masters of the Universe, The Cook of Castamar, Racket Boys

Chicago Red, Roswell, Good Witch

Sky Rojo, Newly Rich Newly Poor, Jane the Virgin

Touch Your Heart, Criminal Minds, Geisha

How about if we look at some pictures of random cute guys instead?


  1. I'll take the third one from the top

  2. "Green Lantern". Leaving aside that it's not Alan Scott or his son Obsidian, but Hal Jordan (who has dozens of love interests, all female, and one only thirteen years old), it's just...disappointing.

    Masters of the Universe? That's the one where Teela has a girlfriend and the YouTube comments section has a sad. And I am forced to defend Kevin Smith, who I've had issues with since he made Degrassi jump the shark.


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