Sep 27, 2021

Looking for the Beefcake in All of the 2020-2021 Movies Entitled "The Inheritance"


The Inheritance (2021), 
 on Amazon Prime: A woman inherits a house in Europe where strange things happen.  She has a husband with her -- nice body!  I don't want to see the movie -- sounds derivative and heterosexist -- but I want to look Hubbie up.

That's when things get complicated.

1. The Inheritance (2021):  A young man (Eric Lockley) inherits a Philadelphia rowhouse from his grandmother.  According to Roger Ebert Reviews, Director Asili experiments with "legacy, heritage, and tradition, resulting in an engrossing, challenging film that allures and confronts you in equal measure."  Surely this isn't the same movie.

The top photo is bodybuilder Eric Lockley, maybe not the same person.

2. Inheritance (2020):
Roger Ebert Reviews criticizes its "nutty...don't-think-about-it-too-hard" premise.  This one sounds more like it.  Patriarch Patrick Warburton dies, leaving $20 million to his congressman-son  (Chace Crawford, left) but just $1 million to his district-attorney daughter.  So, political intrigues?  Wrong movie again!

3. Inheritance (2020): According to Wikipedia, "a thriller" starring Simon Pegg.  But Chace Crawford and Patrick Warburton are also in it, so this is the same as #2, with different packaging.  

So I search for every recent "inheritance" title on IMDB.

4. Inheritance (2017
).  "A young couple visits a property left from their late father's estate.  A haunted and dim past emerges." This sounds right, but it's too early.  Hubbie is played by Ryan Bowman (left), whose film credits include Bread Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo and Scream of the Bikini.

No beefcake shots online except for the title shot of Jumpa X, whatever that is.

5. Inheritance (2021).
"After the murder of their parents, Nick and Steve Wellington must share the inheritance,  Then the Figure arrives to finish what he started."  

Right year, wrong premise, but I might just look up Christopher Sarrls and Michael Kenneth Fahr (Nick and Steve), and call it a night.

No beefcake images for either.  I took this Christopher Sarrls photo from his Myspace page (what we used for social media back in the 1990s).

6. Inheritance (2018). 
  Have you ever said a word over and over until it loses its meaning?   This one is the "story of how sons look to their fathers for identity, and how one son learns that true identity comes from a source deeper even than family."  Let me guess...God?  The sons are played by Andrew Cheney and Jason Collett.

No beefcake photos of either, but here's Jason (right) with a muscular friend.

7. The Inheritance (2020).  This sounds promising: a woman inherits a haunted estate in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Finally, the right movie!  Hubbie is played by Nick Wittman, whose previous credits include Terminator: Dark Fate (Pilot), Rambo: Last Blood (Hitchhiker), and The Spy Who Dumped Me (Bartender). 

No beefcake shots online, no instagram.  I had to go back to Amazon Prime, go through the movie on fast-forward, and take a screencap (and screencaps don't work on Chrome, so I had to go to...ugh...Firefox).  

To get Nick's only shirtless shot in the entire movie.

Was it worth it:

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