Mar 5, 2015

Ryan Kwanten, Vampire Buddy

Ryan Kwanten began acting at age 15, and first became known outside Australia as a boy trapped in an East Asian fantasy world in Spellbinder (1997).  Since then, he has become famous for his physique.  Whenever he comes on screen, his shirt comes off.

He's appeared in his underwear, in a towel, in a diaper, in a swimsuit, naked in bed, naked in the shower, stripped for torture, and wearing only a sock.

He's never played a gay character, or a character who spends much time with guys -- directors are too busy pushing him into ladies' arms.

He played  horndogs on the soap Home and Away (1994-2002) and Summerland (2004-2005).

In Griff the Invisible, Griff (Ryan) falls in love with a female superhero. In Red Hill, young sheriff Shane (Ryan) has a wife and a baby.  In Not Suitable for Children (2012), Jonah (Ryan) has to impregnate as many women as possible in a month.

But sometimes beefcake is enough.

Ryan has a gay brother, and would be perfectly happy playing a gay character.  He praises his sheriff Jason Stackhouse in True Blood (2008-2013), the angst-y series about vampires struggling for their civil rights (with Joe Manganiello and Martin Spanjers).

Jason Stackhouse began as rather homophobic and vampire-phobic, but over the course of five seasons, learned to tolerate and finally accept both gay people and vampires.  In 2012, when he discovered that a gay vampire had a crush on him, he responded: "Look, I accept who you are, whether it's a vampire, whether it's a gay man, or both. But that's not the way this dog barks."

Jason has a love-hate relationship with head vampire Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) which has resulted in a lot of slash fiction.

Ryan would be happy to have the two men take their relationship to the next level and embark on a human-vampire romance.

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