May 21, 2015

The 12 Hottest Border and Castle Guards

I love men in uniform, especially the uniformed guards at country borders, and at monuments, castles, and public buildings.  They're always so serious, certain that they have the most important job in the world, guarding their country's treasures against villainous foreigners, and their phallic, I mean guns...are always at the ready.

Over the years, I've accumulated many photos of border and castle guards. Here are some of the most interesting.

1. Russian guards frolicking in a fountain.
2. Young border guard from Romania.  You rarely see anything of their physiques, but he offers some hints.
3. Him, too: a castle guard in Finland who knows his way around the gym.

4. A Swiss Guard at Vatican City. I'm pretty sure he's gay.
5. Beefy Danish castle guard, his gun sticking straight up.

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6. Spanish guard at a public building, with a saucy smile.  Looks like he's about to strip in The Full Monty.
7. Thai guard.  Looks like a new recruit.

8. Italian guard, ever vigilant, but thinking about what he's going to do tonight after work.  I'll bet it involves dancing.
9. Greek border patrol.  I love the uniform.

10. From Brno, in the Czech Republic. The gun is almost as big as he is.
11. Bulgarian guards on parade.

12. This is my all-time favorite.  He's actually the "guard" at the FAO Schwartz toy store in New York.

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