Jul 14, 2016

Visiting Dustin: Hookups, Sharing, and a Bathhouse Surprise

Minneapolis,  July 5th, 2016

I arrive in Minneapolis at 3:00 pm on a Tuesday to visit my sort-of boyfriend Dustin.

Dustin is 21 years old, an animation major at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, short, with  thick brown hair, a handsome square face, and a slim, tight physique with an outtie belly button.

He has an apartment in an old Victorian across the street from the Minneapolis Institute of Art, with two straight roommates who are gone for the summer

Over dinner at the Red Dragon, he asks "What do you want to do while you're here?  If we ever make it out of the bedroom, that is."

"The Institute of Art, of course.  The Walker Art Center.  And a lot of Asian cuisine.  All our tiny town on the Plains has is not-very-good Chinese."

"There's an epic Malaysian place a few blocks away.  And Vietnamese and Thai, and we even have Tibetan.   Anything else?"

"A play at the Guthrie?"

"They're doing South Pacific this weekend.  Lots of gorg soldier boys to perv on.  But I was wondering if you were up for a more erotic evening."

"Sure, I'm up for that. What do you have in mind?  Or who?"

He grins.  "It's a surprise."

The full post, with nude photos and sexual content, is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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