Nov 7, 2013

Freddie and Cook: What Happens when Straight Guys Kiss

The British teen soap Skins (2007-2013) was always good for gay content as well as "skin," as in Season 3 (2010), when Freddie (Luke Pasqualino, left) and Cook (Jack O'Connell) end an argument with a kiss.

The two heterosexual characters are arguing over the girl they both like, when suddenly Freddie headbutts Cook.  His mate responds by grabbing and kissing him -- hard.  "You're a prick for hitting me," he says, "But I deserved it, and I still love you."

The characters continue to be written as heterosexual, with lots of girl-crazy exploits.  But the gay-subtext plotlines include Freddie's murder and Cook's devastated attempt to move on.

Luke Pasqualino is currently playing D'Artagnon in the British tv series The Musketeers (2013-), based on the classic novel (his mates are played by Tom Burke, Howard Charles, and Santiago Cabrera).  I haven't seen it, but there must be some gay subtexts in there somewhere.

In an interview with Out magazine, he states that he's heterosexual but affectionate, kissing everyone, men and women -- which occasionally causes guys to "get the wrong idea."  Not a problem for the gay-positive actor.

Jack O'Connell went on to star in Starred Up (2013), about a juvenile sent to adult prison, where he develops a sexually-charged relationship with an older man -- his dad.  He'll also be playing Callisto in 300: Rise of an Empire (2014), an ancient Greek actioner which is bound to have some gay characters.

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