Apr 3, 2014

Matthias Schweighoefer: What a Man

Matthias Schweighoefer is one of the most popular young actors in Germany, notable for his stunning physique, his nonchalance about full frontal nudity, and his intense buddy-bonding.  Indeed, he often combines nudity and gay subtexts (or texts) in the same movie.

12 Paces without a Head (12 Meters ohne Kopf, 2009): Pirate pals Klaus (Ronald Zehrfeld) and Gödeke (Matthias) must decide whether to retire to a farm or to remain pirates to the end.

Friendship! (2010): East German buddies Tom (Matthias) and Veit (Friedrich Mucke) go on a road trip to San Francisco to track down Tom's long-lost father, and have picaresque adventures, including stripping at a non-stereotypic gay bar, before hugging at Golden Gate Bridge.

What a Man (2011): Alex (Matthias) is dumped by his girlfriend, and takes lessons in how to become more "macho" from his friend Jens.

Woman in Love (Rubbeldiekatz, 2011): Alex (Matthias) is cast as a woman in a movie, and soon finds that he can only get parts in drag. He ends up kissing Adolph Hitler.

Russiendisko (2012): Three Russian friends, Wladimir, Andrej and Mischa (Matthias, Friedrich Mucke, Christian Friedel), travel to Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall to seek their fortunes.

Schlussmacher (2013): Paul (Matthias) is a professional "separator" (he breaks up with your boyfriend or girlfriend for you).  Then he meets Toto (Milan Peschel), the dumped boyfriend of a customer, and they buddy-bond.

He's cool about being an object of desire for men or women, or heterosexual men while dressed as a woman.

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