Jun 28, 2017

Vintage Beefcake and Homoerotic Ads

When we were kids in the 1960s, there was virtually no beefcake on tv or in movies, but if you looked carefully, you could find shirtless boys and men in kids' magazines like Boys' Life. This one is selling you meat.

Sometimes you didn't even need a shirtless shot.  A cute face and a risque phrase was enough to get your fantasies fueled.

A little before my time, but the dad and son both have exceptional abs.

For bulges, you had to make do with clothes catalogs.  The thick, hefty things came in the mail twice a year, displaying the packages of men.

And boys.

More after the break.

Even a drawing of underwear shows a basket.  His friend seems in awe of his "cut to fit" underwear, oddly titled "Reis Scandals."

Accidental double-entendres were fun, too.

This one is from the 1940s, but I couldn't resist.  Everybody will want "our delicious wieners in their mouth."

All I can say is, this is definitely the wrong strategy for getting into your date's pants.

I definitely want to be a member.

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