Jan 17, 2018

Men of Steel

Superman is the most recognizable superhero in the world, a perennial favorite in comics, movies, and tv shows.  And for cosplay.

You can buy a superman costume, complete with built-in muscles.

Or you can provide your own.

Come to think of it, muscles aren't really necessary.  It's the red, yellow, and blue outfit that does the trick.

Although no one said that it had to be blue.  A black muscle shirt with the red-and-yellow "S" logo is fine.

Or the red-and-yellow "S" logo on a bare chest.

More after the break.

It doesn't even have to be red-and-yellow.  How about green, on a white muscle shirt?

You can just put the logo on a t-shirt, and skip the rest of the costume.  Handy in the bedroom, if you want to brag about your super powers.

Superman BDSM scenes are common.  Just be sure to bring along a green rock as kryptonite, so he doesn't break out of his chains.

Halloween costume Superman, revealing the abs, with some Wonder Woman bracelets going on.

But you can't beat the classic uniform, especially when the guy has a chest to fill it out.

I have a lot of Superman underwear pics, but they're NSFW.  You can see them on Tales of West Hollywood.

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  1. Lots of bodypaint for superheroes as well. Just paint the costume on: Superheroes wear skin-tight costumes so it can just be "nude figure without genitals". What most people don't know is, genital variation aside, nude figures are easier to draw than clothed, due to the fold of the fabric. Animators often have the most trouble, of course, but it's why figure drawing involves heavy use of manakins.

    Comics are the figure drawing of our day.


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