Jan 15, 2018

Eddie is an Eye-Witness to Prince Charles Having Sex with an Extremely Muscular Scottish Athlete

Boomer: Hi, Eddie.  Did you know that I'm the sixth cousin, once removed, of Prince William?  His mother, Princess Diana, and my mother share great-great-great-great grandmothers.

Eddie:  Brilliant!  You should pop over to Kensington Palace and say hello.  Maybe Wills will invite you in for a sandwich.

Boomer:  I don't think so.  William probably has about six thousand sixth cousins.  You're much closer to the royal family than I could ever be..  You went to Eton with Harry and got a sausage sighting of him in the shower.  You've met William, Charles, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne...the Queen?

Eddie: Not formally, but I've been in the same room with her.  I was eight years old, not impressed.

Boomer: I know what you mean.  I met President Johnson when I was five, and the only thing I could think was 'He's not cute'!  But I was wondering, with all the insider scoops you've been privy to over the years, if you can substantiate the 'Prince Charles is Gay' rumors.

Eddie:  Not gay, though, really?  Bi, maybe.  My Dad tells me he had a girl for every day of the week before he met Diana.

Boomer:  I found a list on the internet: Caroline Longman, Lady Tryon, Laura Watkins, Angela Keating, Camilla Hipwood, Rosie Vestey, Davina Morley...well, the list goes on and on.  If he slept with all of those women, he'd be a regular Lothario.  But was there time on any of those days of the week for men?

The rest of the story, with explicit details of Prince Charles, the future king of England, having explicit gay sex with an extremely muscular Scottish athlete, with nude pictures of the athlete, is on  Gay Celebrity Dating Stories.

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