Oct 31, 2016

Glitch: Resurrection and Gay Subtexts in the Outback

Another tv series with a gay character showed up in my Netflix recommendations. Glitch (2015-) is set in the small outback town of Yoorana, Australia, where six people inexplicably crawl their way out of their graves in the local cemetery.

It's a lot more "realistic" than the suddenly reappearing dead people of Les Revenants and The Returned:  They're naked (rear nudity, no frontal) and covered in dirt and grime.  And at first no one realizes that they've come back from the dead.

They have amnesia, but gradually they remember some details of their lives, including how they died -- usually by violence.

1. Paddy (Ned Dennehy), the town's first mayor, a hard-drinking, scrappy pioneer who was murdered in 1860.

2. Charlie (Sean Keenan, left), a gay soldier who died in World War I.

3. Carlo (James Monarski), who speaks only Italian, and saw his brother murdered.

4. Maria (Daniela Farinacci).

5. Sarah (Emily Barclay), the deceased wife of the town constable, James Hayes (Patrick Brammell).

6. John Doe (Rodger Corser), who never remembers his past, and may be the key to everything.

The main plots involve James and town doctor Elishia (Genevieve O'Reilly) trying to keep the Risen safe from various threats, especially Vic (Andrew McFarlane), who wants them back in the ground "where they belong."

Meanwhile alliances form, romances blossom, and unfinished business from the lives of the Risen get squared away.

Charlie doesn't get a boyfriend; instead, he buddy-bonds with a lady.  His gayness appears only in a subtle confession about a man he loved before he died.

But there's a gay subtext buddy-bond between Paddy and the aboriginal teenager Beau (Aaron L. McGrath).  I can't see why -- Paddy is exceptionally ugly.

But they exchange smoldering looks, and have conversations dripping with innuendo.

Paddy: You're so skinny!  You're all dick and bone.

Beau:  What do you want?

Paddy:  What do you think I want?

Unfortunately, there's never any explanation for why these people rose from the dead.  Lots of clues, including supernatural intervention and secret experiments, but no resolution.

But there's ample beefcake, and Aaron L. McGrath definitely gives off a gay vibe.

As does Sean Keenan.

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