Dec 4, 2013

Brian Austin Green: The Gay Teen of Beverly Hills 90210

Gay teens of the 1990s remember Brian Austin Green as David Silver on Beverly Hills 90210.  Especially in early seasons, when he had a gay-subtext buddy-bond with Scott (Douglas Emerson).

Beverly Hills had a full range of teen hunks, but David held his own by being gay-coded as flashy, flamboyant, with a good fashion sense.

Brian Austin Green didn't rise to the stratospheric heights of fame as Luke Perry, and he didn't offer the frontal-nudity and big-brothering of Jason Priestley, but he became a respectable teen idol, with many articles and pin-ups in teen magazines, and lots of speculation that he was gay.

After all, he was flashy and feminine in real life, too, and he wore an earring back when very few straight guys did.

As if to respond to the rumors, Brian played heterosexual characters in  several "message" tv movies, such as She Fought Alone, about a teenage rapist; Laws of Seduction, about a law student "seduced by a beautiful woman": and Teenage Father, about a teenage father.

He has continued to play almost exclusively heterosexual characters, mostly everyday guys seduced by beautiful women.  But at least they allow him to take his shirt off.

But he has at least one buddy-bonding movie: Southside (2003), about two friends (Brian, Bret Roberts) who become amateur boxers.

And one gay role, in an untitled pilot by David Kohan and Max Mutchnik about gay and straight writer buddies.

And a lot of memories.

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