Actors M-Z

Mackenzie Astin
Mae West
Mario David
Mark Gregory
Mark Harmon
Mark Lester
Mark Spitz
Mark-Paul Gosselaer
Mario Lopez
Martin Sheen
Marx Brothers
Martin Spanjers
Mary Tyler Moore
Mason Gamble
Mat Botuchis
Matt Dillon
Matthew Broderick
Matthew G. Taylor
Matthew Laborteaux
Michael Gray
Michael Mannaseri
Matthew Lawrence
Matthias Schweighoefer
Max Baer
Maxwell Caulfield
Michael Blodgett
Michael Landon
Michael Burns
Michael Cade
Michael Callan
Michael Forest
Michael J. Fox
Michael J. Pollard
Michael Sarrazin
Michael Seater
Michael Welch
Mickey Rooney
Mike Henry
Miles O'Keeffe
Mitch Gaylord
Milton Berle
Mitch Vogel
Moises Arias
Moosie Drier


Nicholas Cortland
Nicholas D'Agosto
Nicholas Hout
Nick Roux
Noah Fleiss
Noah Hathaway
Nolan Gould


Omar Sharif
Omri Katz


Pallance Dladla
Parker Stevenson
Patrick Cassidy
Patrick Duffy
Paul Michael Glaser
Paul Petersen
Peter Barton
Peter Billingsley
Peter Brown
Peter Coe
Peter Falk
Peter Koch
Peter MacNichol
Philip McKeon, Philip McKeon 2
Philipp Danne
Phillip Van Dyke
Pierre Perrier
Pietro Boselli
Primo Carnera


Ralph Macchio
Roger Mobley
Ramon Novarro
Rasmus Kaljukarv
Raviv Ullman
Reb Brown
Renato Salvatori
Ricardo Montalban
Richard Benjamin
Richard Gere
Richard Bennett
Richard Chamberlain
Richard Dean Anderson
Richard Dreyfuss
Robert Blake
Robert Conrad
Richie Brose
Robert Stack
Robbie and Pua Magasiva
Rick Schroder
River Phoenix
Rob Lowe
Robbie Benson
Robert Ellis
Robert Clark
Rupert Grint
Ryan Potter
Robert De Niro
Robin Williams
Robert Redford
Robin Askwith
Ron Glass
Ryan O'Neal
Rocky Graziano
Rod Taylor
Roddy McDowall
Ronald Reagan
Ronnie Burns
Ronnie Scribner
Ross Lynch
Russell Johnson
Ryan Cooley
Ryan Kwanten
Ryan Ochoa
Ryan Pinkston


Sean Astin
Sal Mineo
Samson Burke
Stephen Parr
Scott Baio
Shia LaBeouf
Scott Garrison
Scott Grimes
Scott Jacoby
Scott Wolf
Sean Flynn
Shane Haboucha
Shane Sinutko
Shaun Cassidy
Steve Antin
Sid Caesar
Smothers Brothers
Skip Homeier
Steve Burton
Steve Bond
Steve Cochran
Steve Guttenberg
Steve McQueen
Steve Reeves
Steve Sandor
Steve Sandvoss
Steven Ford
Sylvester Stallone


Ted Wass
Tim Matheson
Tequan Richmond
Three Stooges
Tim and Rick Rossovich
Tim Considine
Tim Robbins
Timothy Leary
Tom Avni
Tom Cruise
Tommy Kirk
Tommy Knight
Tommy Rettig
Tony Dow
Toran Caudell
Torgerson Twins


Uriah Shelton
Van Patten Brothers
Vince Edwards
Victor McLaglen


Wally Cox
Walter Cartier
Wesley Eure
Wil Horneff
Wil Wheaton
Will Estes
William Shatner
William Smith
Willie Aames


Xavier Samuel
Yul Brynner
Zachery Ty Bryan
Zephyr Benson


  1. Where is Michael Schoeffling. this list seems incomplete without him

    1. Never heard of him. Is he American or German? A lot of German actors don't get much play in the U.S.

  2. He played Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles.. total dreamboat. He also had a small role in Longtime Companion about the Aids crisis in the 80s. Did a few Movies, one with Cher called Mermaids, dropped out of Hollywood to make custom furniture

  3. What happened to the Ronald Reagan post? Did Nancy throw a hissey fit? Ronnie was a dim bulb! Nancy pulled the puppet strings and the script writers prepared the lines.

    1. I never had a post on Ronald Ragan. Thee's a hookup story about his son ROnnie on "Tales of West ollywood"

  4. Missing John Stamos, Richard Grieco, Michael Chicklis...

  5. You mean Keir Dullea? This index is incomplete; I haven't updated it in about a year. You can use the "searh" function on the home page to search for an actor you are interested in.

  6. Your need to add Trevor Donovan to the list- he played gay in "90210"(2009-13" . He is now a star in in those Hallmark Channel romantic movies. He is 42 and still single. His Instagram only feature photos of him and his three dogs

  7. Speaking of Germans - what about David Kross (movie, The Reader)? He's also nice in a lesser known film, Same Same but Different.

  8. Paul Dano was nice in L.I.E., 2001 film with gay overtones.

  9. Thank you for this online feature, this "blog", if that is the right word. To this list of beautiful men, you might want to add MAX IRONS.


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