Movies by Year

Movies by Year

This is a list of movies that I saw in the theater.  Before 1978, I belonged to the Nazarene Church, where going to movies was a major sin, so  I went only three or four times. 

1978-79: Superman Flies, Mad Max Flexes, James Brolin Bulges, and Bill Murray Gets a Boyfriend

 1979-80: Captain Kirk Gushes, Peter Sellers Watches, Tim Conway Bumbles, and Richard Gere Bares All

1980-81: Tim Curry Plays Straight, George Hamilton Plays Gay, Dudley Moore Plays Drunk, and Peter Ustinov Plays Chinese

Two Gay Kisses, One Homophobic Slur, A Fake Drag Queen, Tarzan, Conan, and Dolly Parton

1982-83: Dustin Hoffman in Drag, Rob Lowe in Drag, Two Mighty-Thewed Barbarians, a Gay Murderer, and Tom Cruise for the First Time

Fall of 1983: Tom Cruise's Gay Panic, Lou Ferrigno's Muscles, Christopher Atkins' Frontal, and Robby Benson's Everything

Spring of 1984: Lambert Grunts, Estivez Repos, Guttenberg Goes Down, and Lamar Swishes

1984-85: Four Buddy-Bonds, Three Psycho-Slashers, One Androgynous Prettyboy and Arnold

Fall 1985: Tim Curry Plays Straight, Michael J. Fox Plays Homophobic, a Teen Nerd Bulges, and a Gay Couple Splashes

1986: Rob Lowe in a Jockstrap, Christian Slater Bares his Butt, and Crocodile Dundee Hates Gays

1987: Sex with the Devil, a Voodoo Queen, a Spy, and a Ghost.  Plus an Honest-to-Goodness Gay Romance.

1988: Matthew Broderick Plays Gay, the Coreys Learn to Drive, and Bob Hoskins Takes His Shirt Off

1989: Keanu Reeves was still funny, Patrick Dempsey was still hot, and Gay People still did not exist.

1990: Kevin Bacon's Boyfriend, Patrick Dempsey's Car, Aidan Quinn's Chest, and Matthew Modine's Squatter

1991: 8 Boy-Girl Romances, 5 Guys in Underwear, 4 Terminal Illnesses, 3 Drag Queens, and a Lot of Bugs

1992: Does Broderick Take His Shirt Off?  Does Stallone Get a Girlfriend?

1993: Sylvester Stallone Hangs, Harrison Ford Gets a Buddy, and There are Witches

1994: Ralph Macchio Comes Out, Matthew Broderick Strips, Jason Scott Lee Flexes, and There are Drag Queens

1995: DiCaprio Gets Naked and Dies, Pacino Holds Hands and Dies, Devon Sawa Just Dies, and Thomas Dekker Lives

: Robin Williams Plays Gay, Marky Mark Plays Evil, Edward Furlong Plays Southern, and there are Martians

Spring 1997: Brendan Fraser Swings, Chris O'Donnell Bulges, Devon Sawa Goes Wild, and There's a Gay Kiss 


1998-99: Doomed Gay Relationships, Swishy Gay Stereotypes, Suicide, and Mark-Paul Goesselaer

1999-2000: Christian Bale kills, Matt Damon kills, Edward Norton fights, and I see (some of) the most homophobic movie of all time.



  1. I am glad to see that you have allowed comments.

  2. Do you plan to list any movies prior to 1978?

    1. Nazarenes weren't allowed to go to movies -- it was a major sin. So before I left the Nazarene Church, I saw very few movies in a theater -- maybe four or five my whole life. I saw some pre-1978 movies later, on DVD, but that doesn't count.

    2. Boomer, call your attention to B.O.Y.S. on Your Screen for a number of good film listings from 2007; 2007-2014 and 2015-on.

    3. These are actually movies that I saw in the theater I've seen many more from those years on DVD and streaming services.
      Some of them are indexed under "Movies," but I stopped updating that index several years ago..


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