Aug 27, 2020

The Jewish Inquirer's Seven Boyfriends

The Jewish Inquirer is a Britcom about a reporter for the 4th largest Jewish newspaper in Britain, Paul (Tim Downie), who gets into constant mishaps by saying or doing things that inadvertently sound racist, homophobic, transphobic, or  Islamophobic.  Most of the mishaps put the kibosh on budding relationships with men.  Paul also discusses ladies' parts a lot, so he might not be canonically gay.  Or maybe he's bisexual.  Or closeted.  But it is a lot of fun to watch him screwing up same-sex romance.

Sorry, I couldn't find any beefcake photos of any of the boyfriends.

Episode 1: The Flirty Fireman.  See my original post on The Jewish Inquirer

Episode 2: Paul flirts with the Vicar (Hugo Nicholson), and asks him to a party.  When he refuses, stating he likes women, Paul backtracks and asks to borrow his vicar outfit for the party.  He rrefuses, so Paul dresses like an imam instead, and insults the cute clerk at the grocery store.

Episode 3: Paul flirts with the Key Cutter (Ryan Pope), then insults him by suggesting that he might use the key to break into his house.

Episode 4:  Paul flirts with the Barber (Alexander Karim) who is cutting his and his nephew's hair, then insults him by suggesting that he is inflating the prices.

Then he accidentally insults Mark (Ben Goffe), a little person, and insists on making it up to him by "giving him a ride home."  They end up hanging out all day (well, this one might go somewhere...).  

Episode 5: Paul flirts with Mike Gaddis, MP (Member of Parliament) and asks him to a bris (Jewish ritual circumcision). Weird first date!

Episode 6: Paul flirts with a cute black guy in line at the store (Darren Hart), then gets into an argument with him about whether Jews count as BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnics).

Geez, haven't you learned anything about picking up guys?  Glance at his basket to indicate that you are interested in romance, then complement him on something -- it doesn't matter what.  But never insult him!

Or give Ben a call.


  1. You forgot the hot Irish dad of the bris baby who pulls down his pants so Paul can do a sensitive dick test.

    1. He was cute, but I only included the guys Paul was specifically flirting with. Although I suppose checking on the sensitivity of your penis counts.

  2. Your right he did not flirt with the Irish dad-I still wish they had made the fireman a regular character- maybe if there is a second season


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