Sep 23, 2020

Searching for Non-Heterosexist Amazon Recommendations, Part 2


It's time for another game of "finding something to watch on Amazon Prime that's not about the Girl of Your Dreams."

The Hippopotamus.  Sounds like something Ionesco would write, but it's actually Based On The Best-Selling Novel by Stephen Fry (all in caps). A semi-famous poet investigates a series of miracle healings.  And, apparently, a pink hippopotamus. The trailer shows none of that, however.  The aging ex-poet drinks, meets four women, and falls out  of a boat.  

The trailer also shows a cute guy named David, who is bisexual.  According to the plot synopsis on wikipedia, he has "morally dubious sex" with two girls and a guy. Whoa, homophobia.  Or biphobia.  And no pink hippo.  At least there are two beefcake shots.

The Hungover Games. 
Four guys go to Laughlin, Nevada to celebrate the upcoming wedding of their buddy to Tracey, who "has an Adam's apple and a penis."  None of them are particularly attractive, but Damien Bray (left) plays a scuba driver.

They find themselves transported to the future for a parody of The Hunger Games. Goiing through it on fast forward, I find no other gay references, but a lot of boobs, and a last scene where one of he guys meets the Girl of His Dreams.

Drowning Mona. 
When a woman (Bette Midler) drives her car into the river and drowns, everybody in town is suspect. There are several recognizable stars, including Danny DeVito, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Casey Affleck.  But the icon shows Danny DeVito surrounded by hot babes.  And it ends with a wedding. Next!

The Courier.  A female motorcycle courier must fight off a sadistic....  Next!

Dirty Thirty.  On the eve of Katie's thirtieth birthday, her friends Eve and Charlie (a girl) throw her a party that goes out of control.  According to the plot synopsis on wikipedia, Charlie is a lesbian, about to marry the Girl of Her Dreams. Not heterosexist, but I still don't want to see it.

The New Guy.
  Is this a take on The New Girl tv series?  No, the guy is shown with two hot babes hanging over him.  In the wikipedia page, it's three, one naked.  He's a high school student who seeks out the advice of a prison inmate on how to get babes.  

Butt Boy
.  A guy is killing kids and stuffing them up his butt.  What?  Sounds homophobic, or bottom-phobic, or something grotesque.  This picture doesn't seem to have anything to do with the movie, but beefcake is beefcake.

  Two "deliberate vagabonds," a "pirate" named Dirty Freddy and  a "peak oil fanatic" named Bruho (it's spelled "brujo") loot vacation houses in the Catskills.  Until they meet a runaway teenage boy and a young woman.  

"Peak oil" is the point in time when oil reserves start to decline, and eventually run out.  Depending on the rate of extraction, oil will run out between 2100 and 2200.  Why is that a fanatic obsession?  Won't we all be dead due to global warming long before that?

The trailer flashes "doomsdays" a hundred times and shows them hitting each other, but I don't see any actual post-Apocalyptic, psycho-slasher , or peak oil doom going on.

I wonder if they are a gay couple.  No, according to a review, Fred falls in love with The Girl.

It's 3:00 am, and I have Season 1 of Designing Women waiting downstairs.


  1. "Butt Boy"!? Obviously Amazon will stream anything that even resembles as movie- their gay content is very weak unless is one of those new inclusive for publicity sake show. Is even one of the super heroes in "The Boys" gay but I'm sure there is at least one lesbian

    1. One of the villains in Season 1 is gay, and belongs to an anti-gay religious group.

  2. I really could not believe "Butt Boy" was an actual film?! Until I saw the trailer

  3. How do you stuff corpora delictorum in your butt?


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