Oct 27, 2015

12 Unexpected Disney Channel Teen Hunks

The Disney Channel is very good about providing beefcake for its teen and tween audience (girls, no doubt, since they have frequently expressed disbelief that gay juveniles exist).  Jocks and male leads strip off their shirts with gleeful abandon.

But they are expected to have spectacular physiques.  The shock comes when pesky kid brothers, science nerds, and gay-vague pretty boys turn out to have massive biceps, six-pack abs, and tight chests that would have propelled them to teen idol stardom a couple of decades ago.

Here are the top 13 most unexpected teen musclemen on the Disney channel and Disney XD

Note: only on currently airing series, so I'm disqualifying Austin ButlerDaniel BookoDylan and Cole Sprouse,  Jake Thomas, Michael Seater, Nick Spano, and everyone on Wizards of Waverly Place.

Note: some of them are young teenagers, so they won't be of interest to adults.

1. Billy Unger (above) as Chase, academically-inclined bionic teen on Lab Rats. 

2 Jason Dolley, goofy big brother on Good Luck Charlie.

3. Chris Galya (left) as Tony, doorman in the building where teenage nanny Jessie works, and her main love interest.

4. Ross Lynch (left) as feminine-coded aspiring singer Austin Moon on Austin and Ally.

5. Calum Worthy as his goofy best friend Dez.

6. Jake Short as 15-year old super-genius Fletcher Quimby on A.N.T. Farm, and as 16-year old comic book nerd Oliver on Mighty Med.

7. Mateo Arias (left) as surly martial artist Jerry on Kickin' It.

8. Blake Michael, older brother of the young girl with the talking dog on Dog with a Blog.

9. Leo Howard (left) as Logan Hunter, pesky kid who almost became CeCe's stepbrother on Shake It Up and now has a starring role on Kickin' It.

10. Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez, aspiring dancer on Shake It Up.

11. Adam Hicks (previously on How to Eat Fried Worms and Zeke and Luther) as King Boz, pretender to the thrown of the island of Kinkow on Pair of Kings.

12. Ryan Ochoa (left) as Lanny, another pretender to the throne and all-around antagonist on Pair of Kings. (He also starred with Jake T. Austin and Jansen Panettiere in The Perfect Game, and bedeviled Spencer on Nickelodeon's ICarly.)

13. Mateus Ward as Marcus Davenport, evil android on Lab Rats.

Next: unexpected teen hunks on Nickelodeon.

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