Jan 8, 2014

12 More Disney Channel Teen Hunks

The Disney Channel may be slacking off on the gay subtexts in its teencoms, but it is still scouring the countryside for beefcake.

 Even Jessie, the Disney Channel's Worst Show, has an unending parade of cute guys,  both teen and adult, as the nanny/actress (Debby Ryan) crushes on, gets crushed on by, and generally hangs out with guest stars hired primarily because they know their way around a gym (in addition to her steady beau Tony, played by model Chris Galya).

In just 2 1/2 seasons (not including anyone who appeared on my list of 12 Unexpected Disney Channel Teen Hunks):

1. Garrett Backstrom (from Lab Rats, left) as Vincent, Emma's boyfriend who is interested in Jessie.

2. John DeLuca of Teen Beach Movie as the boyfriend of famous actress Shaylee.  Jessie gets a job as Shaylee's stunt double, and guess who starts hitting on her?

3. Gay-positive Australian actor Lachlan Buchanan as Jordan, a famous actor staying at the Buchanan house.  Emma and Jessie fight over him.

4. Joey Richter (left) as Officer Petey, who takes an acting class with Jessie, thus making Tony jealous.

5. Ben Bledsoe as Brody, who competes with Tony for Jessie's affection.

6. Garrett Clayton (left) as Earl, Jessie's blind date after she and Tony break up.

7. Austin Moon (the ever-popular Ross Lynch), guest starring from Austin & Allie.

8.. Jack Griffo, the gay-vague supervillain in training on The Thundermans, as Brett Summers, who starts dating Emma, and...well, you know what happens next.

9. Spencer Boldman (of Lab Rats, left) as Ted, Jessie's ex-boyfriend who wants to get back together.

10. Jackson Odell as Gale.  I  don't know what his connection with Jessie is.

11. Matthew Timmons (Debby Ryan's costar on The Suite Life on Deck) as Jessie's agent.

12. Tom Cruise lookalike Tom Parker (left) will play River Stevens on the upcoming Valentine's Day episode.

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