May 21, 2018

Michael Seater: Buddy for Life

Born in 1987, Canadian actor Michael Seater was on tv nonstop from 2000 to 2010, with a series of homoromantic buddy-bonding roles.

Spencer Sharpe, boyfriend of paranormal investigator Zack (Robert Clarke, left) on The Zack Files (2000-2002).

Paranormal investigator Lucas in Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (2002-2006), who has a love-hate relationship with school bully Vaughn (Robert Clarke again).

Homeless teenager Owen on Regenesis (2006-2007), who moves in with paranormal investigator David (Peter Outerbridge), but ends up mentally damaged after an experimental treatment to cure his drug addiction (I haven't seen it).

Derek Venturi on Life with Derek (2005-2009), who has a sibling rivalry with his adopted sister Casey (Ashley Leggat) and, in the first season, an intense, passionate, joined-at-the-hip best buddy, Sam (Kit Weyman).

As usual, his adult roles have involved fewer subtexts:

18 to Life (2010-2011): newlyweds move in with their parents.

The "virgin getting laid" comedy Sin Bin (2012).

Bomb Girls (2013): women work in a munitions factory during World War II. Engineer Ivan Buchinsky (Michael) is dating one of them.

He's written and directed two movies, People Hold On (2015) and Sadie's Last Days on Earth (2016), both of which deal with friends having relationships.

Michael is rumored to be gay in real life.  He hasn't said anything specific, but his tweets have a lot of gay content, like watching RuPaul's Drag Race and a claims that a party will be "gayer than a straight bar but straighter than a gay bar," suggesting that he is familiar with bars of both varieties.


  1. I played a kid at the high school in one episode of Life with Derek. Mike didn't say anything, but the way he smiled at me made me think he was gay.

  2. He was born after 1980. I joke, but those of us under 40, actually more than half of us (in the US, the UK, and Israel at least) don't identify as straight. So, now, it's a skewed modal distribution instead of a bimodal distribution.

    Speaking of millennials with rumors about them, you could start doing ones about YouTubers?


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