Oct 24, 2013

Mighty Med: Comic Book Fans with a Secret Life

In Mighty Med, which just premiered on the Disney XD Channel, two comic book fans, Kaz  (Bradly Steven Perry from Good Luck Charlie) and Oliver (Jake Short from Ant Farm, left) go through a secret portal to a hospital for superheroes, villains, and various sci-fi and fantasy characters.  

Upon discovering that they have a special rapport with the ailing superheroes, the Chief of Staff, Horace (Carlos Lacamara), offers them jobs.

They must now juggle the "normie" requirements of home and school and heterosexual crushes with their secret life at the hospital, where they must fend off the evil machinations of various anti-normie factions, including Horace's nephew Alan (Devan Leos).

There's certainly a lot of potential gay symbolism in the disdain that the fantasy beings feel for "normies."

And a lot of gay subtext potential: the two besties are tailor-made for bromance, and the supervillains who want to infiltrate Mighty Med, Wallace and Clyde, appear to be a couple.

Not a lot of beefcake so far, but superhero patients like Tecton (Jilon Vanover) and Titanio (Chris Elwell) always have spectacular physiques, and it's only a matter of time before one doffs his leotard.

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