Jan 29, 2016

Andrew Keegan Breaks Boys' Hearts

Andrew Keegan was one of the more popular teen stars of the 1990s. He played mostly operators, rebels, and scallawags, Zack Dell in Camp Nowhere (1994), and "bad boy" guest roles on TGIF sitcoms like  Full House, Moesha, Step by Step, and Boy Meets World.

By the late 1990s, he was starting to bulk up, and the teen magazines started going wild.  They specialized in shots of his bare chest peeking out from his shirt, as if he had been caught in the midst of getting dressed (or undressed).

Lots of gay content:

1. Gay-vague  "not into girls" roles on Party of Five (1997-98) and Seventh Heaven (1997-2004)/

2. Broken Hearts Club (2000): Andrew played Kevin, one of a group of gay friends who hang out in West Hollywood (others include Timothy Olyphant, Dean Cain, and Zach Branff).

3. O (2001), an updating of Othello.  His Michael Cassio, a high school basketball player,  buddy-bonds with Odin (Mekhi James).

4. Teenage Caveman (2002) is actually about post-Apocalyptic teens.  Andrew's David has a girlfriend, but he also buddy bonds with the handsome Neil (Richard Hillman), and he shows even more of his physique.

His teen idol star faded in the early 2000s, but Andrew has continued to perform, mostly in hetero-romances and straight-to-video actioners, like the Fast and Furious clone Kill Speed (2010).  He has also produced several movies, including A Christmas Too Many (2007), which includes a gay stereotype son among the relatives that Mickey Rooney invites to Christmas dinner.

Andrew is rumored to be bisexual in real life, but he hasn't made any public statements.

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