Apr 23, 2013

Caio Castro: Gay Homophobic Teen Idol

Born in 1989, Caio Castro was a 20-year old computer science student in Rio de Janeiro when he was cast as heartthrob Bruno on the teen soap Malhacao (Workout).

After a relatively short run of 21 episodes (2009-2010), he moved on to the telenovela Ti Ti Ti (You You You) for 26 episodes  (2010) as the heartthrob Edgar Sampaio.  His character wasn't gay, but he interacted with the gay Julinho (Andre Arteche).

Next Caio moved on to the telenovela Fina Estampa (Look and Essence) for 35 episodes (2011-2012) as duplitious medical student Jose Antenor. Again, he interacted with a gay character, Baltazar (Alexandre Nero).

Although he has a rather short resume to date, Caio has become a Brazilian superstar, with many public appearances, endless photo shoots, and 6 awards, including the 2011 "Gato del Ano" from the Brazilian Nickelodeon, and the 2012 "Idolo Teen."

He's also been subject to gay rumors, especially after being seen with gay fellow Malhacao star Micael Borges (left). But he denies them.

In an interview, Caio stated that he would prefer to be known as a "catcher" rather than a "queer" ("deer," a derogatory term for gay men in Brazilian Portuguese).

The statement caused a great deal of controversy in Brazil, where it was widely condemned as homophobic.  He later stated that he was misquoted.

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  1. It actually means men who take the passive role. In Brazil only men who are passive are thought of as gay.


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