Dec 27, 2016

More Beefcake Photos of Tony Dow

Tony Dow (1945-) who played big brother Wally on the iconic 1950s sitcom Leave It to Beaver, was one of the few teen idols of the period to regularly be photographed shirtless.  He was already an athlete, a Junior Olympics diver, when he was cast, and during the five years of Beaver, he just kept bulking up.  He never appeared shirtless on the show itself, but he gladly obliged the teen magazines.

Afterwards he continued to act and direct, although he remained most famous for countless parodies of Wally and the Beaver.

Later in life he pursued his passion for art, becoming an accomplished sculptor.  He specializes in both cityscapes and the human form.  Here's The Diver in bronze.

I thought I had seen all of the beefcake photos of the young Tony Dow, but thanks to the exhaustive searches on Pinterest, the internet has yielded some more.

Same swimming trunks as in the first photo, but an exterior by the pool.

His hair is different; this is another day.

Is that a bulge?

A younger version.

Shirtless interior, a bit older.  He really liked the color white.

This is a different pair of white shorts.  He must have bought them in bulk.

 I wish I knew who the cute friend was. They're both bulging a bit.

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  1. The cutie in the picture with Tony Dow look strikingly like John Davidson.

    1. John Davidson is four years older than Tony Dow, so about the same age. But he had longer hair in the early 1960s, and not quite as buffed a physique.

  2. I'm talking about a different John Davidson than the actor. A vintage model that posed nude a lot

  3. My email address is Is there an email I can send you a couple This John Davidson was also a Body Builder

    1. I found him. The guy with Tony does look a lot like the Physique Pictorial model, John Davidson, was born in 1945, so he would be the same age as Tony Dow, and he modeled in the spring of 1965, just before he shipped out to Vietnam. He died in July 1965 on the island of Okinawa. Maybe they became friends somehow. There's a story in there if I can find some corroboration.

  4. Also, Dow appeared shirtless, in multiple scenes, in an episode of LITB called "The Shave" (I believe.)

    1. Those are from the first season, when he hadn't bulked up yet.


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