Aug 11, 2016

Cameron Mathison: Gay Content and Abs

Have you ever heard of Cameron Mathison?

Me, neither.

When I saw this black-and-white photo of the muscleman with an old-fashioned swimsuit and hairstyle, I figured he must be a 1950s beefcake star, like Troy Donahue or Rock Hudson, maybe one of Henry Willson's stable of gay and gay-friendly actors hired for their physique rather than for their background in The Taming of the Shrew.

But I thought I had covered almost all of them, even the most obscure.

Turns out this guy was born in 1969: this is a faux-retro photo from the 1990s.

He grew up in Canada, and graduate from McGill University with a degree in engineering.  After appearing in a few movies, he landed a plum role as con man Ryan Lavery on the soap All My Children.  He appeared from 1998 to 2011, with a year off.

At the same time he was a correspondent for Good Morning, America, working on the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and other events, and interviewing celebrities from Mario Lopez to Wolfgang Puck.

In 2015 he began starring in a series of movies based on the Murder, She Baked novels, as Mike Kingston, boyfriend of the small-town baker turned sleuth.

Any gay content?  Oh, I don't know.  Look at those abs.

How have I not heard of this guy before?

Ok, ok, he plays a gay character in 54 (1998), with Ryan Philippe (with a gay kiss edited out), and Getty Images has some pictures of him at the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in L.A. in 2011.

That's enough gay content for me.

By the way, he has a brother, Scott.  I want to know more about him, too.

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