Sep 18, 2012

Noah Hathaway

After starring as the barbarian Atreyu in The Neverending Story (1984), Noah Hathaway got the full teen idol treatment. His cut-off t-shirt and skin-tight white shorts became a common sight in the teen magazines, and every time he went to the gym, a photographer was there to show the world his biceps and abs.

He couldn't compete with super-hunks like Robby Benson and Scott Baio, but he was cute enough to inspire many romantic fantasies.

His roles were rather scarce, but memorable.  In Troll (1986), he plays Harry Potter (not that Harry Potter), a teenager who displays a muscular chest and has no interest in girls.  Instead, he must save his sister.  No wonder gay boys found a kindred spirit in him, and speculated that he might be gay in real life.

Unfortunately, his response to the speculation was not always gracious; he tended to become livid with rage and shout his denials.

In 1986 Noah retired from acting.  He studied dance and martial arts, and competed in the sport of motorcycle racing.  Recently he has starred in the independent films Sushi Girl (2012) and Mondo Holocausto (2012).  Mellowing as he pushes past 40, he has become more accepting of his gay fans.


  1. this boy REALLY did it for me when i was a little gay 13yo/14yo. i actually don't remember seeing much about him in the american "teen" magazines until after 'troll' came out in 1986 (i know he was popular in germany before that, but not so much in the u.s. until after he cut his hair and "developed"). i'm not sure i believe the story about him becoming "livid with rage" when asked if he was gay since nobody EVER brought up that subject back in the 1980s (unless someone knew him personally, in which case of COURSE no 13yo/14yo would admit to being gay back then, especially if it was true, so that doesn't really mean much).

    1. I think the livid with rage was later, when he was an adult. The assumption that juveniles are always heterosexual would have kept anyone from asking when he was a teen.


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