Oct 4, 2012

The Boys of Earthfasts

Speaking of Earthfasts, Keith, David, and Nellie Jack John in the 1994 television adaptation have all gone on to exciting careers.

Paul Nicholls (David) moved on to play a troubled teen in the longrunning soap East Enders, then had starring roles in a lot of tv series, including City Central, A Thing Called Love, Harley Street, The Fear, and CSI: UK. 

Also a lot of movies, including the critically acclaimed Clapham Junction (2007), about a day in the lives of a group of gay men.

Chris Downs (Keith) didn't do much acting after Earthfasts, but apparently he has become a model.  (Doesn't really look like him, but that's what the Internet Movie Database says.)

Bryan Dick (Nellie Jack John) worked in music for awhile and then returned to acting, with many guest roles in tv programs like Clocking Off, Blackpool, and Torchwood.  He has played several gay characters.

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  1. Brian Dick has a nude scene in a movie. Full frontal, as he's coming out of the water. Wish I could remember what it was.


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