Jan 8, 2014

Stephen Lang: Avatar Villain Plays Gay

Who says you can't be hot over 60?  Stephen Lang is 62, and more buffed now than ever before.  And more than willing to show off his ripped physique.

You've seen him in a muscle shirt as the evil Colonel Quaritch in Avatar (2009) and Commander Taylor in Terra Nova (2011).  

You've seen him in a barbarian costume as the villainous Khalar Zym in Conan the Barbarian (2011).  You've probably seen him at the gym.

But you may not know that he has over 100 screen credits, a diverse resume that includes Happy in Death of a Salesman, Percy Bysshe Shelley, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln.

And lots of gay-themed work.

His first major homoerotic subtext and beefcake-heavy movie was Band of the Hand (1986). He plays a mentor to five buffed juvenile delinquents.

In Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989), the film version of the Hubert Selby novel, he plays Harry Black, a homophobic union leader who discovers that he is gay, and attracted to the drag queen next door.

Story of a Bad Boy (1999) is about a closeted gay high schooler, Pauly (Jeremy Hollingsworth), who is torn between the track team, the school band, and the student teacher who is directing the school play (Christian Camargo).  Lang plays his baffled dad.

Save Me (2007) stars Chad Allen as a gay teenager who is sent to an exploitive "ex-gay" halfway house run by a homophobic married couple (Lang, Judith Light).

Lang also an accomplished stage performer, with credits including The Speed of Darkness.

Heterosexual in real life, he's a gay ally.

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  1. He's now 65, and if anything, he looks BETTER now than when this article was posted. JS.


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