Sep 5, 2013

Parenthood: Gay Teen Tease

Parenthood (2010-) is a "warm," "family-friendly" drama centered on the lives of Zeek and Camille Braverman and their four adult children:

1. Adam Braverman (Peter Krause, left), who has a "traditional" job, house, housewife, and 3 kids.
2. Julia Graham (Erika Christiansen), a hotshot lawyer whose husband (Sam Jaegar, below) stays home to raise the kids.
3. Recently divorced Sarah Holt (Lauren Graham), who has two kids (Amber and Drew)
4. Irresponsible bachelor Crosby (the less-than-attractive Dax Shepard), who is helping to raise his baby mama's child (Jabbar Trusell)

Think Modern Family, without the gay characters.  Or any gay references.
Or The Waltons, without the gay subtexts.

And lots and lots of heterosexism, boys meeting girls, boys and girls falling in love, with the elders intoning "This is what life is like for everyone.  Every boy falls for girls, every girl falls for boys.  No one has ever, in the history of the world, not even once, experienced even a glimmering of same-sex desire.

I don't know any gay people who have even bothered to watch, but some heterosexuals have wondered where the gay characters are?  There's a cast of 3,000 (this is only half of the main cast).  It's set in Berkeley, California, right across the Bay from gay mecca San Francisco.  Why aren't some of them gay?  Why doesn't somebody mention gay people?

Two words: Ron Howard, the homophobe who drains gay content from everything he touches.

Sarah's son Drew, played by Miles Keiser, was sweet, sensitive, artistic, and not particularly into girls (at least, in the few scenes he got, having to share the program with 3,000 other people).  Viewers thought he was gay, and expected an eventual coming-out episode.  But apparently it was purely unintentional, and when producers got wind of the fact that the viewers were "getting the wrong idea," they quickly gave Drew a girlfriend.

Of course, just because he's on a homophobic tv program doesn't mean that Miles can't be gay-friendly in his personal life.  After all, he played a gay teen on Private Practice in 2007.   I doubt he's gay in real life -- I have seen approximately 300 photos of him off-screen, and in every one, he has his arms around a girl or woman.  Every one!

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