Nov 5, 2013

Charlie Williams: Happily Bisexual on Broadway

Charlie Williams (right) is a actor/dancer who has strutted his stuff in Pajama Game, South Pacific, Joseph, anything requiring him to take his shirt off.

He has appeared in two Broadway shows:

1.Memphis, about forbidden love in the dance clubs of 1950s Memphis.  It's interracial heterosexual love.  No gay content.

2. How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, about a conniving junior exec who gets ahead with the help of The Girl.  Not a lot of gay content, though the show-stopping "Brotherhood of Man" has potential.

So why does Charlie Williams deserve a post?

1. His coworkers call him "Charity Charlie" for all of his work on gay and AIDS causes, like the AIDS Walk and the Equality March.

2. He was named "Mr. Broadway" at the Broadway Beauty Pageant, a benefit for homeless LGBT youth.

3. He took it all off at Broadway Bares XX, a fully-nude review to benefit Broadway Cares, one of the biggest AIDS charities in the world.

4. He's happily, unapologetically bisexual.  And single.

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