Oct 16, 2012

Joe Slaughter: Dancer/Model/Bullying Survivor

It's hard being a male terpsichorean (dancer) in high school.  You face constant homophobic harassment from the jocks, the bullies, and even the teachers.

And it's even harder if you're heterosexual, working out and stripping down with 5,000 girls, all of whom treat you like a buddy and aren't up for dates.

But Joe Slaughter survived both the homophobia and the horniness to become a successful dancer, touring with superstars like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and the Pussycat Dolls.  He has modeled for brands like The Gap and Calvin Klein (and he's not shy about underwear and semi-nude shots).

Checking out his killer physique, one wonders if he really had a problem finding girls to date. 

Checking out his killer bulge, one wonders if the jocks and bullies were harassing him to hide their homoerotic attraction.

He has recently broken into acting.  In Step Up 3D (2010), the first 3-D dance movie, he plays Julian, the leader of the evil House of Samurai dance crew, who disapprove of his sister's romance with Luke (Rick Malambri) of the rival House of Pirates.  Lots of gay subtexts all around.

In Music High (2012), a music teacher tames a group of surly juvenile delinquents with -- you guessed it -- music and/or dance. Joe plays the gay-coded William.

Joe has also played dancers or models in several tv series, including CSI, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Femme Fatales.

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