Jan 15, 2014

David A. Gregory: Shirtless for a Cause

Gynecomastia is a swelling of men's breasts caused by excessive estrogen production, usually occurring during puberty or old age.  Sometimes it requires corrective surgery.  And it can cause confusion, anxiety, and shame, especially in adolescent boys who are already concerned about their bodies.

They may be subjected to homophobic or transphobic bullying.

Aspiring actor David Gregory developed gynecomastia during college, and  and now works as an advocate to spread awareness of the condition.

It didn't stop his shirtless career.  The summer after he graduated in 2008, he was cast in a production of The Full Monty -- wait, I thought those guys were supposed to have mediocre physiques.

Then a series of commercials for Airborne Immune Support as a Fabio-like Latin lover.

That fall he played a gay ex-hustler on an episode of Law and Order.  

His biggest roles to date have been in soap operas: reality tv producer Robert Ford on One Life to Live (2009-2012) and Kyle Farrell on Deception (2013).  (His characters were straight, but in this shot he's being hugged by a gay man).

He won lots of soap awards for his physique, including Hunkiest Newcomer, Best Hunk, and Sexiest Man (and he was nominated for a daytime Emmy).

He's also appeared in How Do You Know (2010) and Excuse Me for Living (2012).  

I don't know if he's gay in real life or not.

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