Jan 18, 2014

Two Broke Girls: Gay Guy Creates Homophobic Mess

I heard that Two Broke Girls was created by a gay man, Michael Patrick King, so I watched an episode to see if there were any gay characters or subtexts.

The Two Broke Girls are street-smart, sex-obsessed Max (Kat Dennings, left)) and elite, sex-obsessed Caroline (Beth Behrs, below).  They work as waitresses in a restaurant, where they talk about sex all day.  Max jokes about the 100,000 men she's been with, and Caroline jokes about how sexually frustrated she is.  Usually in graphic terms.

Ordinarily such discussions would be inappropriate in the workplace, but all of their coworkers and all of the customers are equally eager to tell everyone exactly where their penises and vaginas have been.

Oleg, the head chef spends most of his time making inappropriate propositions to Max, Caroline, and every other women he sees: " I have a new town car service and slogan: 'Lie back and I will ride you until you tell me to stop.'"

Sophie, a wealthy Eastern European immigrant who runs a cleaning service, is dating Oleg, but his penis is very small, so she is not sexually satisfied.  Not to worry, she has an alternative:

Caroline: What about sex?
Sophie: Nobody does me better than me.

The cashier, Earl (Garrett Morris), is elderly, and his penis doesn't work anymore, so he can't have sex as much as he used to.

The manager, Han Lee (Matthew Moy), is a throwback to the Asian stereotypes of yesteryear, constantly being ridiculed for his height, small penis, and lack of sexual attractiveness.

My disgust factor went through the roof after only a few minutes.  I didn't have time to wait around for Nick Zano (left) or Ryan Hansen as the duo's love interests.  Or to see if they have a lesbian subtext.

But I understand that some homophobic stereotypes swish in from time to time,  including a gay guy named Big Mary.  Really?

Ok, I'm confused.  Was this a program created by a racist, sexist homophobe in 1968?

Because I'm sure no one today, except maybe Seth MacFarlane, could possibly create this mess.

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