Mar 14, 2014

Cristian Letelier: From Romance Novel Model to Swishbuckler

Did you know that there are models who specialize in the covers of romance novels?  It takes a special look -- they have to be super-buffed yet soft and sensitive, exotic yet down-to-earth, rebels waiting to be tamed by the love of a woman.

Over the years, Cristian Letelier has lent his soft, sensitive yet rock-hard physique to dozens of romance novel covers.  He's been involved in many other aspects of the man-mountain industry.  He's a runway and print model, a former Chippendales dancer, a kickboxing instructor, the host of a Spanish-language fitness program broadcast in 32 countries, his own line of fitness products.

We attended USC at the same time, but I didn't meet him.

He's also been in 12 movies and tv series, including Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan (1982), as one of the genetically engineered superhumans in Ricardo Montalban's crew; Look (2007) as a "Stripper Cop," and First Strike (2009), as a buffed scientists trying to stop a terrorist-unleashed supervirus.

And Swishbucklers (2010), the only movie I've ever heard of produced in Monaco. When their beloved dojo is threatened with closure by an evil corporation, three "macho" martial artists try to raise money by joining an all-gay production of The Three Musketeers.  

I've only seen the trailer on youtube.  Horribly homophobic!  Catty queens from the 1960s swishing about.  What did you expect from the title?

So I'm going to guess that Cristian is not a gay ally.

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