Apr 24, 2014

Las Brujas de Zugurramurdi: Two Spanish Screen Hunks Finally Kiss

One of the highlights of the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival last month was Las Brujas de Zugurramurdi (2013), released internationally as Witching and Bitching.  It's about two divorced men  José  and Tony (Hugo Silva, left, and Mario Casas), who are embroiled in financial trouble and custody battles due to their evil ex-wives.

Dressed as a soldier and Jesus Christ, they plan a daring robbery of one of those "We Buy Gold" shops.

 Josés son comes along (because it's visitation day), and they co-opt a taxi driven by Manuel (Jaime Ordonez), who has women trouble of his own.

The four men try to escape into France (so they can live in Disneyland).  Unfortunately, they have stolen a cache of cursed gold rings.

En route through Basque country, they run afoul of three witches, who want the power of the rings, and intend to eat them.  But first they torture the hapless thieves in various ways, such as forcing  José and Tony to kiss.

It sounds rather homophobic, but there's such a strong gay subtext between the two that you can interpret their revulsion as embarassment, as their hidden attraction comes to light.

Besides, there's a bona fide gay couple, and an "androgynous" boy.

Besides, Spanish audiences have been waiting for the two screen hunks to kiss for years.

Both actors are gay-friendly. Mario Casas played a gay character in the film Mentiras y Gordas (Sex, Party, and Lies, 2009), and has been interviewed by gay magazines (the words on his chest are "I shave with a razor.")

Appearing at Madrid's Gay Pride Festival and photographed dancing at gay clubs, Hugo Silva is widely assumed to be gay, but he hasn't made any public pronouncements.

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