May 20, 2014

Ezra Miller: Ugly Face, Beautiful Movies

I usually stay away from film festivals: long, dull, ponderous movies about people with problems.  And usually heterosexist to boot.

But if you find yourself trapped at a film festival, look for the features starring 21-year old Ezra Miller.

This isn't him, it's Zach Roerig from Vampire Diaries.

This isn't him, either, it's Brenton Thwaites of Maleficent.

Ok, I'm stalling.  Ezra is not exactly a heartthrob.

Actually, he's one of the ugliest guys I've ever seen on a movie screen.

But you don't watch movies just for the beefcake.

He is gay and androgynous in real life, and he brings a refreshing queerness to his roles, even when he's ostensibly playing heterosexuals.

You can see him after the break.

Yow.  Run away!  But check out this list of fascinating movies, and see if you can resist looking them up on Netflix:

Afterschool (2008): A prep school boy accidentally films the last moments of two girls dying of drug overdoses.

City Island (2009): The teenage son of a prison guard has a secret sexual fetish involving fat women.

Beware the Gonzo (2010): A prep school boy starts an underground newspaper staffed by outcasts, including the school's one gay kid.

Every Day (2010): Manhattanite has to deal with a crazy day, including an overbearing boss, a flirtatious coworker, a senile father in law, and a teenage son who is dating college boys.

Another Happy Day (2011): A dysfunctional family argues at a wedding, while the fey teenage son channels Bette Davis and dresses in drag.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012): Logan Lerman plays the high school wallflower, and Ezra his bff.  They kiss, although in the end Logan gets a girl.

Look for Ezra in Madame Bovary later this year.  Instead of a crazy teenager, he'll be playing Leon Dupuis, a fey, androgynous student who befriends Emma and eventually has an affair with her.

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