Nov 30, 2015

Gay Fan Art 3: Beast Boy in love with Robin, Aqualad, Cyborg...

I have never seen Teen Titans (2003-2006, 2012-), the cartoon series based on the DC comic books, so I don't know much about the shapeshifting Beast Boy.  But according to Wikipedia, he is portrayed as a lighthearted jokester (voiced by Greg Cipes, left).  He is best friends with Cyborg, and has a love-hate romance going on with a female titan named Raven.

Fan artists usually limit the Beast Boy -Cyborg bond to depictions of friendship.  For sex and romance, they prefer pairing him with Robin and Aqualad.

Robin gets the more explicit sexual acts, sometimes unwillingly.  Here they're being pushed together and assaulted by purple tentacles (a Japanese erotic tradition).

Fan artists like envisioning Beast Boy and Robin in intimate situations. This is about as G-rated as their pairings get.

For more romantic relationships, Beast Boy is usually paired with Aqualad, who appeared in the first season as his rival (another pair of antagonists in love).

Even while he's in love, Beast Boy's irreverent, fun-loving nature shines throughout.  Here, dressed up for the Old West, he makes a risque joke about "poking dogies," while embarrassed boyfriend Aqualad, asks him to put on pants under his chaps (so his bare backside doesn't show).

(Original pictures from the artists on

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  1. One quick correction: Teen Titans Go! (the 2012 reboot) is a separate series. It's sort of a hate sink in CN, with no one liking it. Mostly because they're poorly drawn and spend all their time singing about food. Oh, and CN oversaturates their schedule like a motherfucker. Something's wrong when one show has ovwe 40 hours a week, and remember that from 8 to 6 is Adult Swim.

    Anyway, the other reason he's in so much fan art is, Beast Boy is often naked in canon. Of course, since he spends so much time as animals, he would pick up some of their habits.


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