Mar 5, 2017

A Gaggle of Josephs

It's theater season again, and that means beefcake.  Dozens of high school and college theater departments will be finding the most buffed megahunk who can carry a tune and casting him in Joseph in the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, knowing that he will spend most of the play out of the dreamcoat.

I saw a high school version the other night.  Joseph kept his shirt on, but the guards were rather buffed (see: The Best Date in the History of the Plains).

Here are the top 10 Josephs, rated by their chests rather than their acting ability.

1. Casey Daniel of the Valley Youth Theater shows some nice abs.

2. Lee Mead, who starred in the 2007 West End revival, has a face that draws attention from his pecs.

3. Michael Cicirelli of the Chelsea Youth Theater in Connecticut gets points for agreeing to appear shirtless.

4.  Ben Thacker of Anoka High School gets points for showing his navel.

5. Anthony Fedorov, former member of the boy band 7th Heaven, has pecs and abs to spare.

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6. Broadway star Ace Young uses his real hair for a buffed Joseph.

7.  I don't know who he is, but who can argue with a chest like that?

8. Northwestern senior Brian Bohr plays a rare hairy-chested Joseph in Chicago in 2011.

9. Ryan Michael Crimmins of Arizona is trying to channel Donny Osmond a little too much, but otherwise he has it all.

10. You'd have to go to the Hale Theater Center in West Valley, Utah to find Bradley Lever's superlative Joseph physique.

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