May 6, 2017

13 Things You Should Know about Doug Savant, 3 About his Penis

1. He was in Teen Wolf, with Michael J. Fox, but if you blink, you miss him.

2. He was very popular in West Hollywood in the 1990s for playing Matt Fielding, the gay guy on the evening soap Melrose Place (1992-97).  Gay characters were very rare on tv in those days.

3. While other characters were immersed in scandals and illicit affairs, Matt was a saint, sitting around saying "That's not a good idea."

4. He was rarely allowed to date, and never allowed any physical interaction -- no hugging, no kissing.  An on-screen kiss at the end of Season Two was censored, in spite of his protests.

5. Doug kept his heterosexuality closeted during Melrose Place, playing it coy when someone asked if he was gay in real life.  The network pressured him to come out as straight, worried that people would reject a gay actor.  But he thought it would be disrespectful to the gay community to proclaim "I'm not gay!"

6. He was sought-after for gay events and AIDS charities.  Some gay people found this condescending, but this was the era of the "helpful heterosexual."

7. He's been married to women twice, and has three daughters and a son.

8. Before Melrose Place, he played a lot of sleazoids.  In Masquerade (1988) and Paint it Black (1989)he played serial killers.  

9. But afterwards, he was typecast.  Not as gay -- as a squeaky-clean nice guy.  His most famous recent role is on Desperate Housewives (2006-2012), as Tom Scavo, nice guy surrounded by sleazoids.

10. Charlie Carver, who played Doug's son on Desperate Housewives, is gay.

And three facts about Doug's penis:

11.  He has appeared in his underwear on camera many times, but he has never done a frontal nude scene.

12. A character on Desperate Housewives expressed awe over its size

13. By all accounts, huge, uncut.

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